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[Synovex H-100/pkg Picture # 1]

Synovex H-100/pkg 687560

Synovex H implants contain two steroid hormones, 200 mg testosterone propionate and 20 mg estradiol ...

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[SiloSolve MC-1000g Picture # 1]

SiloSolve MC-1000g 660413 Refrigeration Required

A silage inoculant from CHR Hansen called Silosolve MC with new strains of bacteria. Silage fermenta...

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[Anti-Sucker-Large Picture # 1]

Anti-Sucker-Large 912286

A plastic sucking preventor with spikes, available in three sizes. Small is good for 1-500lbs. Mediu...

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$5.25 each
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(Can also be purchased in cases of 6)

[Simcro BMV Syringe -2mL Picture # 1]

Simcro BMV Syringe -2mL 696764 New

This Simcro bottle mount syringe comes in either a 2ml or a 6ml barrel. The 6ml syringe can be adjus...

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[Callicrate Pro Bander-Kit Picture # 1]

Callicrate Pro Bander-Kit 690939 Video Available

The Callicrate Pro Bander is a new and improved design for castration. The Pro bander is lighter wei...

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[Wooden Cane Picture # 1]

Wooden Cane 691998

This wooden cane stands approximately 1 metre high and has smooth edging.

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FOB Cambridge
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