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[Piglet Tooth Nipper - Stainless Steel (Kerbl) Picture # 1]

Piglet Tooth Nipper - Stainless Steel (Kerbl) 695732

Stainless steel, top quality cutters for clipping the teeth of piglets.

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[IV Set with Clear Hose Picture # 1]

IV Set with Clear Hose 693406

This Simplex IV set is made of clear silicone plastic with a funnel and an air vent. A plastic clip...

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[Domcol Solution - Propylene Glycol-20L Picture # 1]

Domcol Solution - Propylene Glycol-20L 677419

INDICATIONS: As an aid in the prevention and treatment of acetonemia in cattle and sheep. 67% Glycol...

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[Enduro Boot-9 Picture # 1]

Enduro Boot-9 690633

15" high quality Baffin boot with a gel sole for comfort -- not certified as a safety boot.

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[IV Administration Set - Dexco Picture # 1]

IV Administration Set - Dexco 693405

A durable and economical, gravity flow intravenous set with a rubber funnel that will fit any standa...

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[Canarm Lamp Shade-HLC-S (Hi/Lo/Off) Picture # 1]

Canarm Lamp Shade-HLC-S (Hi/Lo/Off) 918809

This shade is constructed using electroplated steel. HLC-S includes a double wire guard, a 10 foot d...

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(Can also be purchased in cases of 10)