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[Enduro Boot-14 Picture # 1]

Enduro Boot-14 690638

15" high quality Baffin boot with a gel sole for comfort -- not certified as a safety boot.

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[Stomach Pump for Cattle, Magrath CPS-Replacement Pump Picture # 1]

Stomach Pump for Cattle, Magrath CPS-Replacement Pump 696754

Replacement pump for Magrath Cattle Pump System including hose adapter. 1 year warranty.

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[Bionic Booster-480g Picture # 1]

Bionic Booster-480g 602548

When fed as directed, improves milk production in lactating dairy cows. Top Dress Bionic Booster at...

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[175 Watt Philips Heat Bulb-Red Picture # 1]

175 Watt Philips Heat Bulb-Red 918109

Infrared heat lamp. Constructed using hard glass bulb. Ideal for farm use.

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[Dexafer 200 Injectable-200mL Picture # 1]

Dexafer 200 Injectable-200mL 602942 RWA / VGF Approved

INDICATIONS: For the prevention and treatment of iron deficiency anaemia in new-born piglets. 200mg/...

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$24.97 each
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(Can also be purchased in cases of 12)

[PortaBHB Milk Ketone Test-100/pkg Picture # 1]

PortaBHB Milk Ketone Test-100/pkg 634845

On-farm, semi-quantitative dipstick to detect sub-clinical ketosis in dairy cows. Test strip change...

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