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[Allflex Repeater Metal Syringe-50mL Picture # 1]

Allflex Repeater Metal Syringe-50mL 696795

The Repeater Syringe has an amber-coloured barrel which reduces UV sunlight exposure, has adjustable...

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[Havoc-XT Blok-800g Picture # 1]

Havoc-XT Blok-800g 674505 New Farm Declaration Form Required

Brodifacoum is the strongest anticoagulant rodenticide available. Havoc products combine brodifacou...

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$40.95 each
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(Can also be purchased in cases of 4)

[Kids Navy Long Sleeved Coveralls-8 Picture # 1]

Kids Navy Long Sleeved Coveralls-8 631683

One-piece, navy, high quality long sleeve, button-up coverall with GVF logo. Includes two pockets on...

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[Simcro BMV Syringe -2mL Picture # 1]

Simcro BMV Syringe -2mL 696764 New

This Simcro bottle mount syringe comes in either a 2ml or a 6ml barrel. The 6ml syringe can be adjus...

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[Metal Feed Scoop -4 qt Picture # 1]

Metal Feed Scoop -4 qt 696539

Couple the sturdy, galvanized construction with the large, easy-grip handle and you have a long last...

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[Express Dehorner-Fuel cartridge, 110mL Picture # 1]

Express Dehorner-Fuel cartridge, 110mL 691316

Replacement fuel cartridge for Express Portable Dehorner. Will last approximately 2 to 5 hours depen...

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