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[Lice X Liquid-10L Picture # 1]

Lice X Liquid-10L 677203 Farm Declaration Form Required

A ready to use pour on for control of biting lice and horn flies. Aids in the control of sucking lic...

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$72.95 each FOB Cambridge
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(Can also be purchased in cases of 2)

[Ramik Multi-Catch Mouse Trap-Replacement Glue Boards 4/pkg Picture # 1]

Ramik Multi-Catch Mouse Trap-Replacement Glue Boards 4/pkg 674231

Ramik Glue Board and Traps take the advantage of the fact that rodents have limited vision. They al...

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$3.25 each
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(Can also be purchased in cases of 18)

[Sorting Stick-26

Sorting Stick-26" 685306

Durable sorting stick is 26" long with rattle.

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[Z-Tag Applicator Picture # 1]

Z-Tag Applicator 697981

No more torn ears, since the pin swivels out in the direction of the tag during tagging. The pin nev...

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[Hot-Shot Prod Wand - Flexible Lexan, Black-22

Hot-Shot Prod Wand - Flexible Lexan, Black-22" (Actual Wand Length - 12") 693371

Wands constructed for extreme flexibility and durability. Will bend without breaking or crimping. Us...

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[Syringe - Reusable-10mL Picture # 1]

Syringe - Reusable-10mL 696981

Reusable syringe that is virtually unbreakable. Etched graduation markings on syringe barrel for lif...

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