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[Compost-A-Mat - 30

Compost-A-Mat - 30" x 36"-200/bundle 917442 RWA / VGF Approved

Compost-a-mat is a biodegradable, double mat, designed for compost and promoting piglet comfort. Th...

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$925.00 FOB Cambridge
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[Milk Bar Plug Picture # 1]

Milk Bar Plug 690623

The Milk Bar plug is a excellent tool to use when not all the nipples are being used in a feeder.

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[Hot-Shot Prod Wand - Flexible Lexan, Black-22

Hot-Shot Prod Wand - Flexible Lexan, Black-22" (Actual Wand Length - 12") 693371

Wands constructed for extreme flexibility and durability. Will bend without breaking or crimping. Us...

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[Trusti Feeder & Suckle-up Teat Cap-4L Picture # 1]

Trusti Feeder & Suckle-up Teat Cap-4L 690917 Video Available

The Trusti Feeder has many great features including: wide stable base, large diameter cap, easily cl...

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[Ratak +-400g Picture # 1]

Ratak +-400g 674589 Farm Declaration Form Required

One feeding kills rats and mice. ACTIVE INGREDIENT: BRODIFACOUM (AT 0.005%).

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$16.95 each
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(Can also be purchased in cases of 20)

[Ivermectin Pour-On-10L Picture # 1]

Ivermectin Pour-On-10L 603968

INDICATIONS: IVERMECTIN Pour-On for Cattle applied at the recommended dose level of 500g of ivermec...

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$244.95 each
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(Can also be purchased in cases of 2)