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[Allflex Eco-Matic Twin Syringe-2ml Picture # 1]

Allflex Eco-Matic Twin Syringe-2ml 696786

The Allflex Eco-Matic Twin syringe allows you to simultaneously vaccinate two products independently...

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[Temperature/Humidity USB Logger Picture # 1]

Temperature/Humidity USB Logger 697190

WHILE QUANTITIES LAST. The THL2 Digital recorder measures temperature and humidity. In the agricult...

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[Dairymans Choice-20kg Picture # 1]

Dairymans Choice-20kg 602839

Calves are born with a bacteria-free gut. It is therefore necessary to establish lactobacilli popula...

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FOB Cambridge
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[Plastic Hub Needles-22G x 3/4

Plastic Hub Needles-22G x 3/4" 695176

A stainless steel needle with a polypropylene luer lock hub. Individually packaged in plastic lined ...

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[Electric Tail Docker-Straight Knife Picture # 1]

Electric Tail Docker-Straight Knife 697135

Replacement knife for the electric tail docker.

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[Dual-Force First Defense-12 doses Picture # 1]

Dual-Force First Defense-12 doses 658755 Refrigeration Required

Dual-Force gel has been proven effective for passive immunity against K99+ E.coli and Bovine Coronav...

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