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Alertys OnFarm Pregnancy Test 695821 New

[Alertys OnFarm Pregnancy Test Picture # 1]

Establish a protocol for reproductive efficiency with superior accuracy. Reduce the number of days open, increase milk production, and improve herd health with a simple, accurate test. The IDEXX Alertys OnFarm Pregnancy Test detect pregnancy-associated glycoproteins (PAGs), which are only produced in the presence of a placenta. This is a whole blood (EDTA) based test that can be used as early as 28 days post breeding and 70 days post calving. Draw blood from the underside of the tail. (needle and syringe not provided) Results are provided within 20 minutes. Alertys On Farm pregnancy tests are simple, convenient, and accurate. Less stressful on cows and safer on operator as compared to traditional pregnancy testing methods.

each   (Can also be purchased in cases of 25)  
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[Plastic Hub Needles-18G x 1

Plastic Hub Needles-18G x 1" $11.57 each (Can also be purchased in cases of 10)

[Monoject Disposable Syringe-3mL Picture # 1]

Monoject Disposable Syringe-3mL $0.25 each (Can also be purchased in cases of 100)

[EDTA Tubes-2mL Picture # 1]

EDTA Tubes-2mL $0.75 New