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Calf's Choice Total -4.7kg 690930 New

[Calf's Choice Total -4.7kg Picture # 1]

INDICATIONS: Calf’s Choice Total™ can be used to replace or supplement maternal colostrum as an aid in the treatment of Failure of Passive Transfer (FTP) in newborn calves. One pouch (470 grams) provides 100 grams of Bovine igG. The 4.7kg pail has the added on-farm convenience of mixing to your desired IgG concentration (150 to 100 IgG’s) and multiple feedings per pail. A measuring scoop comes in each pail.

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[Oral Calf Feeder with Zipper Picture # 1]

Oral Calf Feeder with Zipper $25.95

[Trusti Feeder & Suckle-up Teat Cap-4L Picture # 1]

Trusti Feeder & Suckle-up Teat Cap-4L $66.95 Video Available