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Peach Teat Reversible Single Calf Bucket-8L 683975

[Peach Teat Reversible Single Calf Bucket-8L Picture # 1]

This 6 Quart Feeder (8L) has a large open top, and a solid one-piece construction. Durable, UV protected. Mounts on a rail or fence. Comes with a Pink Peach Teat brand nipple (screws into the bucket). This newly designed bucket is made with a teat opening in the front and back of the bucket to allow for it to be hung on the inside or the outside of a fence or rail. A stopper plug is included for the side you are not using. Bottom has small legs so it stands on a flat surface. Inside has a cutout so milk flows to the teat. This feeder is designed & proven to last for years.

  Sale Price: $24.95

[Peach Teat Replacement Nipple-Peach Picture # 1]

Peach Teat Replacement Nipple-Peach $5.50

[Peach Teat Replacement Nipple-Black Picture # 1]

Peach Teat Replacement Nipple-Black $5.50