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MSE Primecoat-trans -5kg Kit 66309804

[MSE Primecoat-trans -5kg Kit Picture # 1]

Special transparent Primecoat, based on two component epoxy that must be applied on a prepared substrate to ensure a good adhesion of the coating products. Applying Primecoat is always strictly necessary to optimize the adhesion. MS primer is a glue that has been specially developed as a basic layer for coating products. By using this primer we guarantee optimal attachment for years. The Primecoat can also be used as a topcoat on floors and grills. Consumption: 0.15 to 0.25 kg/m (0.015 to 0.025kg/sqft) per layer, depending on the substrate and the purpose of use. Drying time: 16-24 hours depending on the temperature of the environment. Working temperature: between 10 C and 25 C. Working time after mixing: 25 minutes. Application material: roller/scoop, brushes, mixer. Substrate: absorbing substrate, press/pull resistant concrete, concrete decks and walls.

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