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MS Pigment™-Red-3001, 400g 66309760-RED

[MS Pigment™-Red-3001, 400g Picture # 1]

The MS Pigment™ is a pigment addition for MSE Floorequalcoat-trans™ (66309967-COMP-A and 66309967-COMP-B). With this pigment the MSE Floorequalcoat-trans™ is coloured, with the result that the transparency of the MSE Floorequalcoat-trans™ disappears. With MS Pigment, one-layered coloured floors can be made instantly. Use: Mix MSE Floorequalcoat-trans™ component A and component B for more or less 30 seconds. Add MS Pigment to the mixture and mix until the mixture is homogeneous. 400 grams MS Pigment™ is needed for a big package of MSE Floorequalcoat-trans™ (25 kg). 80 grams MS Pigment™ is needed for a small package of MSE Floorequalcoat-trans™ (5 kg).

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