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SiloSolve MC-1000g 660413 Refrigeration Required

[SiloSolve MC-1000g Picture # 1]

A silage inoculant from CHR Hansen called Silosolve MC with new strains of bacteria. Silage fermentation always results in some protein degradation. SiloSolve MC consistently reduces protein degradation in silage during fermentation by 2-9%. This reduces the levels of ammonia in silage by 30-50%. As a result, more protein is available for animals. SiloSolve MC reduces undesirable microbial fermentation, dry matter loss and pH. The benefits are many: higher quality silage with improved palatability leading to less feed refusal. This leads to higher milk yield and improved return on investment. One 1000g jar treats 500 tonnes. 2g/tonne. Refrigeration required after opening.

each   (Can also be purchased in cases of 6)  
Silosolve Quick Reference

[SiloSolve AS-1000g Picture # 1]

SiloSolve AS-1000g $960.00 each (Can also be purchased in cases of 6) Refrigeration Required

[SiloSolve FC-1000g Picture # 1]

SiloSolve FC-1000g $1215.00 each (Can also be purchased in cases of 6) New Refrigeration Required