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Bala-Calfa-Large 616274 New

[Bala-Calfa-Large Picture # 1]

The Bala-Calfa was designed after years of struggling to prevent newborn calves’ ears from freezing during winter/spring calving. By pinning the calf’s ears against their neck, the Bala-Calfa utilizes the calf’s own body heat to prevent ears from freezing. Available in 2 sizes: medium for calves born in the weight range of 70-90 lbs, and large for calves born in the weight range of 90-110 lbs. The Bala-Calfa is made out of a neoprene blend that is water resistant. The neoprene is stretchy & allows the hood to fit tightly to the calf's head but also allows the calf to nurse. Fitting similar to a wetsuit on a diver, the Bala-Calfa is hard for the mama cows to lick off & does not roll on the calf's head.  An added 1.5" heavy velcro strap at the base of the neck helps hold the hoods in place. Bala-Calfa’s are shipped & sold inside out. To begin, turn the hood right side out, so that the Velcro is on the outside & the size tag is on the inside. Pull the hood over the calf’s head & line up the eye holes with the calf’s eyes. Pull the hood as far back as possible & tighten Velcro neck strap. The Bala-Calfa is designed to fit tight. Similar to a diver getting into a wetsuit, it should take quite a pull to get the Bala-Calfa in place. Tighten the Velcro as needed to ensure a tight fit. Bala-Calfa's are machine washable. Wash in warm or cool water. Hang or tumble dry. Bala-Calfa's will return to their original shape & size once they are washed. It is recommended to wash after every use to ensure optimal fit. If the Velcro becomes plugged with straw or hair, use a stiff brush or curry comb to clean.  Colours vary depending on stock.

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[Calf Perk-15mL Picture # 1]

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[Calf Warmer with Heater Picture # 1]

Calf Warmer with Heater $850.00 FOB Cambridge

[Vitaferst-Care-250mL Picture # 1]

Vitaferst-Care-250mL $49.95 each (Can also be purchased in cases of 9) New