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Baby Pig Restart - APF-10kg 602977 New

[Baby Pig Restart - APF-10kg Picture # 1]

An animal protein-free top-dress powder supplement to support feed intake of young pigs at weaning. Weaning can be a traumatic experience for a young pig. The sweet taste of Baby Pig Restart-APF draws pigs in, easing the transition to dry feed. It helps to ensure that each piglet gets the additional nutrients and energy needed to help avoid starve outs and stunting. Each producerís goal is to get pigs to the feed in the feeder as fast as possible during those first critical days. Through an effort to streamline costs, the industry has transitioned to fewer starter diets for weaned pigs. The down side of this transition, is that palatability of the first phase feed has decreased. TechMix offers a solution to this, providing the right nutrition, at the right time. Offer Baby Pig Restart-APF, an animal protein-free attractant that entices pigs to eat dry feed faster!

  FOB Cambridge
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