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Dewormers: Applicators

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[Merck Drench Gun-30cc Picture # 1]

Merck Drench Gun-30cc 614305 New

The 30cc oral drencher has been designed for use with a vast range of oral anthelmintics. The devel...

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[NJ Phillips Pour-On Applicator-65mL Picture # 1]

NJ Phillips Pour-On Applicator-65mL 604514

The NJ Phillips pour-on applicator is a 65mL fixed dose with 2.5mL increments. It features a bent no...

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[Prima Drench Applicator - 12.5ml with 5

Prima Drench Applicator - 12.5ml with 5" Nozzle 604513

Drencher includes soft medical grade tubing, hose armour spring, drench nozzle, 3 different collar s...

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[Valbazen Drench Gun with Hook Picture # 1]

Valbazen Drench Gun with Hook 614348

The Valbazen drench gun is high quality, made in New Zealand. It is a 50mL drencher with floating ho...

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